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Inspiring flute courses and events for adult players of all levels
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Online Workshops

Flutes at the Barns offers a varied online timetable of events to enable you to participate alongside other players, maintain your personal musical focus and progression and enjoy your music-making! It's easy and simple to do from your laptop, tablet, phone or device. All classes are led by FATB tutor, Zoë Booth and class numbers are limited to allowing each player to feel able to contribute, as well as to connect with other class-goers.

  • Advice getting set-up to connect online will be given; the video-calling app on which the classes run is free and - once you're ready - taking part is as simple as answering a phone call
  • Classes are exclusive, for no more than five participants at a time (masterclass and play-alongs for a maximum of just four)
  • During the class you will be able to see the tutor as well as the other class-goers
  • At the end of each online class, there will be a chance to ask further questions of the tutor and talk with others

There are a range of online opportunities for you and your flute, whether you'd prefer to be inspired, join a focussed practice session, play-along or perform. Drop in for an occasional class or several times a week, it's up to you; FATB Online is flexible and convenient, all enjoyed from the comfort of your own home:

  • Be Inspired: workshop classes will be offered on different topic(s) all the time and will take 45 minutes; simply sit back and listen, or make a note of anything you want to try in your own playing. Before or after each workshop, free resources will be sent to you by email. As well as the one-off topic workshops, linked classes on repertoire (45 minutes x 2-5 weeks apart... or 3 classes 'All in a Day!') will provide in-depth guidance to some of the world's best flute music.
  • Focussed Practice: Proficient Practice workshops take 45 minutes; as well as benefitting from the session (led and accompanied by FATB Tutor Zoë Booth), the activities can then be repeated - or used as inspiration - for further, positive development in your individual practice.
  • Play-along: these workshops (55 minutes) allow you to rehearse beautiful music and play along in a live duet with FATB tutor Zoë Booth.
  • Perform: masterclasses (60 mins each) allow you to perform (unaccompanied) and receive personalised flute tuition; you will also get to watch the other players, picking up further tips and repertoire ideas.
Workshop Timetable

As new classes open for booking they will be shown on this page, below.

Not Enough Availability? If the workshop you wanted to book is unavailable or no longer running please let us know at; we can let you know as a priority if your choice of class runs again at an alternative date/time.

Currently there are no FATB Online classes planned - please visit here again for future classes, and remember to stay on the mailing list for a first chance to book any places before they go!
Coming Soon

  • Play-along classes: Booking opens several weeks in advance, for additional preparation time. (55 minutes)
  • Workshop topics: new topics are released all the time, and look out for Catch-Up classes where the most popular topics will be repeated. (45 minutes)
  • Proficient Practice: play-along practice sessions focussed on specific areas of technique (45 mins).
  • Repertoire classes: the linked classes (held at the same time each week, over 2-5 weeks) thoroughly explore the world's best flute repertoire.
  • Masterclasses: we love a theme at FATB, and watch out for free-choice masterclasses too. Booking opens several weeks in advance, to allow you time to prepare. (60 minutes)
  • All in a Day: three 45-minute workshops at 11.15 am, 2.00 pm and 4.30 pm, focussed on learning a new piece of flute music 'All in a Day!' - make sure you're on the mailing list to find out more!

New workshops coming your way will include the themes of repertoire, techniques, interpretation and more! If you'd like to suggest a topic for an online workshop, please email; we'd love to hear from you!

Previous Classes

Previous class topics (see below): if you've missed out on any of the workshops that have already been held, please do email if you're interested in a particular title; once there are expressions of interest we do try to find an opening in the calendar to run that topic again. Here's what you've missed so far:

* And Breathe... * Masterclass * Music for One * Purposeful Practising * Play-Along: Gluck "Che Faro Senza Euridice" and Haydn 'Serenade' * Sublime Sonority * Play-Along: Beethoven Duo in G * Fingers, Fingers, Fingers * Performance Skills * Mastering Ornamentation * Perfecting Ornamentation * Flute Teacher Forum * Play-Along; Mozart "The Magic Flute" * Flute Focus: Articulation * The Genius of Moyse * Online Flute Day * Play-Along: Telemann Canon Sonata in D * Free Your Playing * The French Flute School * Moyse Masterclass * Play-Along: Mendelssohn Scherzo from "A Midsummer Night's Dream" * Super Scales * Debussy Syrinx (in two parts) * Play-Along: Mozart "The Marriage of Figaro" * Cadenza Masterclass * Sky-High Success * Play-Along: W F Bach Sonata in Eb major Fk 55 * Amazing Arpeggios * Play-Along: Devienne Duos 4 & 6 * We've Got Rhythm! * Play-along: Stamitz Duo in D * Bach Sonata in E minor BWV1034 (in four parts) * Stay Tuned * Play-Along: Schubert and Schumann * Bach E minor Sonata Masterclass * Play-Along: Telemann Canon Sonata in D minor * Flute Focus: Ask Anything! * Sound and Silence II * French Flute School Masterclas * On the Double * Faure Fantasy (in three parts) * Playing in Colour * Play-Along: Martinu Divertimento * Music by Heart * Play-Along: Quantz Sonata in B minor * Repertoire Builder - Baroque * Play-Along: W F Bach Sonata in G * Know the Score * Play-Along Stamitz Duo in A * Flute Focus: Vibrato * Play-Along: Koechlin Sonate op. 75 * 12 Fantasias by Telemann * Play-Along: Blavet Sonata in A minor * The Singing Flute * Play-Along: Schultze Sonata No.1 in E minor (I and II) * Dances in 3-time * Play-Along: Haydn & Beethoven * Telemann Fantasia Masterclass * King Frederick the Great and His Flute * Play-Along: Loeillet Sonate in A minor (including alto option) * Music by Heart Masterclass * Sound and Silence III * Play-Along: Mozart, even more of 'The Magic Flute' * Sonata for Flute by Poulenc (in four parts) * Poulenc Sonata Masterclass * Fast and Fluent Fingers * Play-Along: Musical Curiosities I * Mozart Masterclass * Flute Focus: Studies * Andante in C K315 by Mozart (in two parts) * Small is Beautiful: Playing Quietly * Play-Along: Briccialdi Duos op. 132 nos. 9 & 10 * Playing Cadenzas * Play-Along: Blavet Sonata in G minor op. 13 no. 1 * Double-Tonguing Masterclass * Play-Along: Boismortier Sonata in G minor * Variations on a Theme by Rossini by Chopin (in three parts) *Jazz Rhythms 1: Swing * Play-Along: Jensen Duo in D * Cadenza Masterclass * Play-Along: Stamitz Duos op. 27 nos. 1 and 2 * A Christmas-Themed Play-Along * A Very Christmassy Play-Along * FATB Online Concert - Take the Stage * Inspired Breathing * Play-Along: Monteclair Concert No. 1 in D major * Studies Masterclass * Jazz Rhythms 2: Latin * Play-Along: Briccialdi Duos op. 132 nos 4 & 7 * Proficient Practice - Fingers 1 * Duo in G WoO 26 by Beethoven (in three parts) * The Singing Flute Masterclass * Play-along: Gariboldi Duos op. 145 nos 1 & 2 * 'And All That Jazz!' Masterclass * Developing Performance Skills * Play-Along: Mozart Even More from 'The Magic Flute' * Concertino by Chaminade (in three parts) * Play-along: W F Bach Lamentabile from Sonata in F major * Sound and Silence IV * Play-along: Jensen Duo op. 16 no. 2 * Fantasia in E minor by Telemann (in two parts) * Play-along: Traditional Music of the British Isles * Solo Repertoire Masterclass * Play-along: Booth, Diggly Wiggly Woo and Blup Blup from 'Fifty-50' * Ideas for Interpretation - Rhythm, Time and More * Play-along: Gariboldi Duos op. 145 nos. 3 and 4 * Play-along: W F Bach Largo from Duo no. 5 * Proficient Practice - Trills * Play-along: Jensen Duo no. 5 * Story and Musical Description Masterclass * Play-along: Musical Curiosities II * Fitzwilliam Sonata in B-flat major by Handel (in three parts) * Masterclass - The Classical Era * Ideas for Interpretation - Tone, Tonality and Tessitura * Play-along: Kuhlau Allegro con Espressione * Play-along: Schultze Sonata No. 1 in E minor (III and IV) * Baroque Masterclass * Play-along: Beethoven Duo no. 1 (flute and alto flute) * Taffanel and Gaubert Masterclass * Ideas for Interpretation - Phrasing and Musical Detail * Arpeggione Sonata by Schubert (in three parts) * Play-along: Booth, Diddle Dum Pom Pom and Urble Burble from Fifty-50 * Proficient Practice - Breathing * Arpeggione Sonata by Schubert Masterclass * Play-along: A Mixed Bag of Delightful Duets * Prelude in D minor by J S Bach 'All in a Day' * Pan by Donjon 'All in a Day' * Canon Sonata in G major by Telemann 'All in a Day' * Developing Projection and Tone * 'Challenge Yourself' Masterclass * Proficient Practice: Gain Confidence in Playing by Ear * Playing in Tune * Twentieth Century Masterclass * Sonata in D major, op. 1 no. 4 by Anna Bon di Venezia (in four parts) * Proficient Practice: All the Major Scales * Female Composers Masterclass * Bergere Captive by Ferroud 'All in a Day' * Ear-Training - Fun, Useful and Manageable for All (Part 1) * Play-along: Faure Sicilienne op. 78 * Proficient Practice: All the Minor Scales * Piece en forme de Habanera by Ravel 'All in a Day' * Play-along: Jensen Duo in C * Piece en forme de Habanera by Ravel 'All in a Day' * Ear-Training - Fun, Useful and Manageable for All (Part 2) * Play-along: Popular Classics * Masterclass: The Music of J S Bach * Play-along: Gluck, Dance of the Blessed Spirits * Sonata in B minor BWV 1030 by J S Bach (in five parts) * Play-along: Nocturne by Lili Boulanger * Masterclass - Music by Female Composers * Beat It: Rhythmic Expertise * Romance by Saint-Saens 'All in a Day' * Masterclass - Music of the Romantic Era * Play-along Briccialdi Duos op. 132 nos 1 & 2 *
International Participants

Participants from overseas are always welcomed to Flutes at the Barns... and FATB Online now makes it even easier to take part from wherever you are! Class timings are currently shown at GMT.
Class time
Los Angeles, Pacific Daylight
New York, Eastern Daylight
Paris, CEST
Hong Kong, Singapore, Perth
Sydney, Australian Eastern Standard
Taking Part Online - A Guide

To enable you to take part you will need to download Skype to your device - this is a free app which works across the operating systems, whether you're choosing to participate via your computer, phone or tablet device. Please click here for a simple guide to getting online for FATB classes and lessons.

  • Step One - book your place on the class of your choice by filling in the booking form below.
  • Step Two - following your booking, you'll receive an email confirming your place; right away, simply follow the helpful instructions to make your payment and join the class (by clicking on a link; if you're a first-time user of Skype this will helpfully prompt you to download the app).
  • Step Three - just ahead of the time of your class, sit in front of your device and be ready to join in; it's as easy as answering a phone call.
Payment Details

Once you've booked your place you will be sent details on how to pay; payment is due within 2 days of confirmation of your booking. Payments are to be made by BACS (bank transfer); for overseas participants, it may be possible to arrange payment by PayPal.

Pricing: £15 per person per class

Please note that costs for linked repertoire classes (including 'All in a Day' events) will be appropriately calculated with regards to whether they contain 2, 3, 4 or 5 workshops.
Book a Place

Fill in the form below to apply for to take part in FATB Online (see timetable, above). An email confirming your successful booking(s) will then be sent, containing further details including how to pay and connect to the class(es); until this time, please do not make payment.

01727 765511
07976 613750

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Registered office: 30 Whitecroft, St Albans, Hertfordshire AL1 1UU.

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